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Benefits of Case Management in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Event Date: 
October 20, 2015 11:30am
Patty Shelton

Presenter: Patty Shelton

Topic Discussion: The Benefits of Case Management in Workers' Compensation Claims and how to choose a skilled Case Manager

Reduction of costs of management of workers compensation claims can be realized with use of an effective case manager to work with employers and employees.

This is accomplished through educating the injured worker to understand that they will receive appropriate, timely medical treatment for their injury and not only return to work but also to their life activities.

Case Managers channel the injured worker to the appropriate Employer HR representative to answer all benefit and company policy questions.  Case Managers assist the Employer to understand the benefit of meaningful, light duty work (that is a benefit to the company and keeps the injured worker engaged in the company).  They impart understanding to the medical provider that return to work restrictions must be physical capabilities, not another “job”.   

Best practices use of Case Managers facilitate channeling of treatment into the Employer Medical Provider Network (MPN), and provide recommendations if no MPN in place.

They coordinate appropriate, AND TIMELY, medical diagnostics and treatment, eliminating unnecessary delays and slowing the return to work. Reduction in medical costs is a key component to effective claims management.

Reduction of medical costs can also be realized through Case Managers supporting the injured worker navigate the medical maze, decreasing their frustration that “nothing is happening” and this decreases litigation rates and cost to the employer.

Choosing a Case Manager for workers comp claims management is an important decision.  Although ROI is a major goal, effective case management is realized when the Manager has effective credentials, appropriate case management experience and professional relationships with employers and elements of the medical treatment team.

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