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Leadership Skills with Safety Attitude - A MUST SEE EVENT!!!

Event Date: 
December 9, 2014 11:30am
Kevin Burns, ZeroSpeak Corporation

This is a must see event, get your RSVP in early to reserve your spot to this event:

Kevin Burns knows what gets people's attention, what they need to hear and how to engage them in a way that inspires them to want to be better safety performers. And they enjoy the meeting.

When's The Last Time Someone Said A Safety Meeting Was Enjoyable?

In addition to being an eight-time author on human motivation and performance, a management consultant and an award-winning marketing strategist, Kevin Burns has been working with safety managers, front-line supervisors and staff in safety for seventeen years.

Kevin comes from the Operations side of safety - integrating middle-management, leadership, Human Resources, engagement, recruiting/retention and marketing strategies into safety. He gets what motivates people, what appeals to them, what makes them want to engage in safety and he gets their attention. After all, you can't tell them anything if they're not paying attention.

Luncheon registration may be via e-mail at or e-mail Derek Davis. Members may pay in advance annually ($17.00), $20 in cash or check at the door. Non-members will pay $25.00. Free parking is at the rear of the building. Attendees who RSVP will be entered into a monthly drawing.