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A Practical Look at Machine Guarding for Injury Prevention and OSHA Compliance

Event Date: 
March 15, 2022 12:00pm
Scott Swaaley of MAKESafe Tools, Inc.

Abstract: This presentation will provide practical insights about when, how, and where machinery-caused injuries occur. These insights will then be supported with practical next steps for how businesses can identify and solve common compliance issues, including specific introductions to both DIY and commercially available solutions. The Zoom invite will be forwarded to members.

Scott Swaaley is the founder of MAKESafe Tools, Inc. ( and has professional experience in the development of electrical and mechanical hardware, product design, risk assessments, firmware development, software development, advanced fabrication, renewable energy infrastructure, technical education, and public speaking – to name a few. His work across different industries has been recognized in four documentary films and his diverse set of skills lends to a unique perspective on technology, entrepreneurship, and human behavior. Scott’s company MAKESafe Tools developed and manufactures the patented MAKESafe Power Tool Brake, a plug-and-play safety device that protects machine operators from injury. He is an active participant in the standards and regulatory process with the NFPA, regarding the use of isolated power systems in operating rooms; with OSHPD, where he explored the use of cogeneration plants to satisfy hospital power backup requirements; with NRTLs, working to keep companies accountable to their product safety listings; with CAL/OSHA, where he petitioned for changes to machinery restart requirements; and finally with NIOSH, who is currently funding his company’s research into advanced machine safeguards.