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Effibots - Addressing material handling and transport hazards

Event Date: 
April 18, 2023 11:45am
Thomas Trudell, A&M Industrial, Inc.

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Thomas Trudell is the business development strategist and head of the automation team at A&M Industrial.   He has a background in sales and engineering and has been aiding in a variety of manufacturing solutions and automation for over 12 years.   Thomas primarily focuses on AMR solutions, but also works on a wide array of automation projects.  

A&M Industrial is a solutions first distribution company that deals with a wide array of products to help companies function more efficiently.  Founded in 1954 A&M Industrial has provided dependable products, services, and solutions, including Autonomous mobile robots such as the Effibot by Effidence Inc.  

Thomas recently presented on automation at the NSC. Video here.